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Christian gratitude without thorns there would be no roses

(November 2014)

Some people are always grumbling that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses. 
Recently in New York City the family was waiting on a table and I decided to take a stroll around the block. And I walked into a Church Services! A Pastor, Pastor Boyd of Trinity Baptist Church was preaching on gratitude and he said that about roses and thorns. And he passed out a little orange sheet and said, "What are you thankful for?"
It was a real rich service about Thanksgiving. 
The Bible talks about thanksgiving everywhere, like Psalm 92 "IT is good to give thanks to the Lord" What are you thankful for. Jot it down somewhere. Share it with your family and Thank God! Because without those thorns there could be no roses. Christian gratitude presses through the thorns to find the rose of God's Glory.
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Christmas Music: Oh me, or Amen?

(November 2014)

Recently I was in a store and I commented; "Wow they’re already playing Christmas Music!" and the store clerk looked at me and rolled her eyes and says; "Yeah I know it's already here". A Little bit frustrated, maybe a little bit worn out by it already. But what about you? Maybe it's your perspective of Christ in Christmas? 
When you know the Christ of Christmas, you can NEVER hear enough Christmas Music! 
Too early, too late, or all the time. Why not celebrate Jesus 365. Because he's the center of everything. So think about ways when you hear that music to lift him up. And to share him with that person you're talking to. And watch Him work. 
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Yo' Mama! it's all fun and games until you insult mom.

(November 2014)

I remember growing up, on the basketball court or on the playground, when everyone was cutin' up and goofin' off and being obnoxious. Things got deathly quit when the moment someone evoked the unforgivable attack on someone else’s mom. 
To quote the southern redneck, "Them's figthin' words!"
Recently our president of the United States said, a mom staying at home is an unfortunate choice that we shouldn't make. And with those words he insulted my mom, my wife, George Washington's mom, Susanna Wesley Charles and John Wesley's mom, all mothers out there that choose to stay home. Including the President's own mother in law!?!?
These moms who sacrifice everything, including money, to raise future leaders of the World.  
So President Obama, we love you, we are praying for you, but please think twice before you go and insult... Momma.
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The War on Women

(October 2014)

You remember those famous words from Astronauts "Houston, we have a problem". Well if you go to Houston right now, "Houston we have a sermon", because the pro-homosexual, gay activist, Mayor of Houston, has subpoenaed the sermons of Pastors, because they don't agree with her, on her pro-homosexual, anti-God policy. 
What's going on?
She has since back away from that. But it does beg the question, how far will this be pushed? Will a pastor have to marry a homosexual couple in their Church, or loose thier tax exempt status, or be thrown in jail, or be fined?
It's time to step up and figure what you believe about marriage. Be on God's side of marriage between a man and a woman, and be prepared to defend your sermon to the mayor.
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Houston, we have a sermon!

(October 2014)

You remember those famous words from Astronauts "Houston, we have a problem". Well if you go to Houston right now, "Houston we have a sermon", because the pro-homosexual, gay activist, Mayor of Houston, has subpoenaed the sermons of Pastors, because they don't agree with her, on her pro-homosexual, anti-God policy. 
What's going on?
She has since back away from that. But it does beg the question, how far will this be pushed? Will a pastor have to marry a homosexual couple in their Church, or loose thier tax exempt status, or be thrown in jail, or be fined?
It's time to step up and figure what you believe about marriage. Be on God's side of marriage between a man and a woman, and be prepared to defend your sermon to the mayor.
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Is marriage about politics or blasphemy?

(October 2014)

Recently I was taken out of context in a magazine that talked about how I called Same Sex Marriage, blasphemy. Now why would I even talk about that? I did a whole show about that on Truth Talk Live about how God puts his image on male and female and he created them, and the two shall become one through marriage. And the Supreme Court has stood up, not against politics, not right or left, they have stood up against almighty God in not taking this issue on. Roy Cooper, the attorney general of North Carolina will not defend the law that people in the state have voted for; that marriage is between one man and one women. It is a dangerous place to stand up against almighty God. Forget about the politics, remember the creator. The only judge that matters is the Judge of the universe.
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If you got a text from God would you open it?

(October 2014)

I posed this question to my 9th graders recently in Church, and I got some weird looks, finally after I was carrying my bible after asking them "If you got a text from God would you open it?" they suddenly realized what I was talking about. 
God has sent us a text, it’s the word of God. Hebrews talks about God has been speaking, he speaks through his son, who is the Word of God. Today if you hear his voice! The word of God is quick and powerful, sharper then any two edged sword. 
Friends, God has sent you a text. Don't ignore it. Listen to it. And remember "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God" Let that word, that text, take you right to Jesus.
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If they call you the odd couple you might be doing something right.

(September 2014)

You've heard of the famous TV show the odd couple, well here's the odd couple today. It's a Christian couple that's not married that doesn't live together, that saves themselves for marriage that honors God's will. In fact they're smack dab in the middle of God's will according to 1 Thess. 4:4 which says, "this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that you abstain for fornication". Recently I was at the beach and I saw more and more couple and less and less wedding rings! What's going on? Why so much cohabitation, and why so much cohabitation among Christians?
Let's do this the right way, let's honor Christ and life him up. In fact they might call you odd but that's what followers of Christ are; "other-worldly", lifting him up. And it's only by his power that he can give us his strength to do his will.
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Pray without ceasing, or get sued without ceasing?

(August 2014)

Could someone go to prison in America for honoring prayer?
I recently heard about a Georgia mall that trying to shut down public prayer across the mall to make it illegal. 
In Winston-Salem Mary’s gourmet diner has got a nasty letter form the “Freedom from Religion Foundation”, threatening lawsuit because they are giving a 15% discount to people that simply pray before their meal.
How have we gotten here? What ever happened to pray without ceasing? Get ready it could be get sued without ceasing! 
How in America have we gotten here? 
Well, I am going to encourage you to honor prayer, just like the President recognized the national day of prayer. Maybe the people from "Freedom from Religion" will sue President Obama for that? 
Keep Praying but be prepared to pay the price.
1 Thess. 5:18 “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
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Paul, Barnabus and Timothy get ready for three new people in your life.

(July 2014)

One of my favorite things the late Howard Hendricks said is that, "Everyone should have a Paul, Barnabus and Timothy in their life". 
A Paul; someone who is going to pour into you and disciple you. 
A Barnabus;  someone who is going to come along side you and be you friend, "Iron Sharpens Iron". But their not impressed with you. 
A Timothy for you to pour into.
Who are those people in your life?
2 timothy 2:1-14 talks about these key people in your life. And if you're wonder, I don't have those people in my life.
Well why don't you start by being a Paul, being a Barnabus, being a timothy, in the lives of those around you. And right there in your home and in your family is a great place and watch what God does when you have these three people in your life.
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Independence Day, religious freedom and Hobby Lobby

(July 2014)

How appropriate the same day we celebrate independence day, the July fourth weekend, is the week that the supreme court handed a victory to all Americans to protect our religious freedom. 
The victory was Hobby Lobby's and all of us that don't want a government telling us that we have to violate our conscience and our religious freedoms.
What do you think the troops are fighting for? What do you think our founders fought for? Freedom is never free! 
Thank God this weekend for those that are currently fighting, for those that have fought, those veterans, active duty and their families for the sacrifice they made so we could have wonderful cook outs and fellowship and celebrate July 4th weekend. 
Happy Independence Day form all your friends here at the Truth Network.
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Introducing the most powerful concealed carry weapon

(July 2014)

Have you ever considered the power of God's word?
The power of concealing it, hiding it in your heart?
Thank you David Jeremiah for your devotion recently that challenged me to recognize the bible as a concealed weapon 
Psalm 119:11 "Thy word have I hid in my heart, that i might not sin against thee" 
It is the sword of the spirit it is the only book you can read were the authors always present every time you open the Bible or look at it on your smart phone. you get a text from almighty God.
Are you hiding it in your heart?  
Are you in the Word? Abiding in the Word? Trusting the Word? Walking in the Word?
Every word of God is pure. He is a shield to them that put their trust in him. 
Take the weapon of the word of God today.
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Another Church Bites the DUST!

(June 2014)

I know you don't want to hear me sing any more so what am I talking about. Well the Presbyterian Church USA as fully embarrassed a God blasphemous stance on marriage. Acknowledging is ok to be a homosexual pastor, and acknowledging this lifestyle is ok.
We all believe that homosexuals need the gospel. Heterosexuals need the Gospel! But we don't say this is ok when Jesus, the Bible, God almighty has a standard we don't ever want to mess with. The truth shall set you free. 
Is this even a church anymore, The Presbyterian Church, USA? Let's Pray for a heart change, and let's pray that we, the people of God will know what the truth is about this issue and exalt marriage like Jesus does, Because Jesus is the Lord of all, and the Lord of Marriage.
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A father's day verse for father's day.. and beyond

(June 2014)

When was the last time you let the father love you? 
When was the last time you let your guard down, and let God in?
In John 15:9 Jesus said, "As the father has loved me, so I have loved you. Continue ye, in my love." 
Do you know how much God loves you?
We know John 3:16, “for God so loved the world". How much he has done for you how crazy he is about you. But that love can't penetrate unless you let God love you. 
For Father's Day, no matter what you situation, allow the heavenly father to love you and bask in that amazing supernatural unconditional love. John 15:9
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What is the new definition of insanity?

(June 2014)

Ever get stuck in a rut? ever get so comfortable, so calloused that you just completely miss things? You're stuck, you need to take a step of faith, it is like my new definition of insanity, you know what it is? Repeating the old definition of insanity over and over again, and getting the same result!
Maybe you have insanity going on in your life, and you need to take a risk for the Lord? 
Take a step; Jesus said two words, to Matthew the tax collector, "Follow Me". It says in Luke 5:28 that "he left everything, rose up, and followed Jesus.  
Maybe it's the definition of insanity, NOT to follow Jesus.
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Thank you “Officer Friendly”, and Happy Memorial Day weekend.

(May 2014)

Recently, one of my role models, a true hero, a man of God, a decorated war hero, went to be with the Lord. 
Officer friendly, Bob Hammons.
He went WWII, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, came back a decorated war hero and then he served his area of North Carolina as a fireman, a police officer, as “Officer Friendly”, a Major mentor in the life of young people. He became my adopted grandpa to my three sisters and me and really had an impact in our lives. 
Bob Hammons like so many who have passed and so many living veterans and so many active duty folks that are right now fighting for our freedom. They make is possible for us to celebrate Memorial Day and Memorial Day weekend. We want to say "Happy Memorial Day" to you and your family from all of us here at the Truth Network. Find out more about “Officer Friendly” HERE
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Finding God's Will.

(May 2014)

How do you find God's will for your life?
So many young people are trying to find God's will for their life. Of course there is the barrage of questions from us older folks; "where are you gonna go to college?", "Where are you gonna go after college?", and "What is God's will?"
They want to know that, but sometimes maybe we focus too much on God's will then we actually focus on who God is.
Dr. Tony Evans spoke in Chapel at the Masters College years ago, I was a young student, and he said, "Quite obsessing about God's will and seek God!" Romans 12: 2 “be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind then you will find out what God's will is, Good acceptable and perfect.”
So, quit seeking after so much God's will and seek after God! And like Psalm 37:4 says, "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desire of your heart"
You seek after God and you'll find yourself suddenly smack dab in the middle of God's will.
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Two videos of reality: One canceled and one praised.

(May 2014)

Recently a young lady named Emily Letts video taped the killing of her child. Afterwards, she even referred to the baby as a life. 
Sadly her taped abortion is being widely celebrated. And if you are waiting for the president to condemn her act, you might be waiting a long time. 
At the same time HGTV canceled the Benham brothers’ reality TV show, because they discovered them to be committed Christians, who are both pro-marriage, and pro-life. 
How have we gotten to a point in America where a video of a live abortion gets rave reviews and the video of a live reality show, of a couple of successful, god loving twin brothers, gets condemned? 
God Bless America?
How about God SAVE America! 
See the full article about this here.
Wake up Christian, the battle has only begun.
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Is heaven for real? Let’s talk about it.

(May 2014)

Two major Christian motion pictures movies are out and they're doing big numbers in the box office. They both, interestingly enough, are both statements of fact! Heaven is for real and God is Not Dead.

The first movie, the heaven movie, is creating quite a stir and I am right in the middle of it, saying "this is the best Christian Movie ever", others are condemning it saying, "this is terrible theology, it's some afterlife experience you can't verify it scripturally". One thing we can all agree on is the final line from the movie, from the pastor played by Greg Kinnear who said, "Do we believe heaven is for real? Then it will change how we live" That is a true statement. Because, God's NOT DEAD, he's Alive! And Heaven IS for Real!

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Imagine going to church and going to Heaven in the same moment!

(April 2014)

Just six months ago 240 souls meet Jesus face to face after going to church. This was the family of Waheed, a gentleman from Pakistan I recently meet in New York City

Waheed said, "There was a Church, Sunday service was going on, and after the service everybody comes out side the church and have some celebration because the church had two children get baptized. And they were standing out side the front of the church compound and there are two suicide bombers walk in and they blow them up. And it was supposed to be a celebration with the food and because of the baptisms. And then over two hundred people died in the same day."

Please pray for Waheed, his family, and the persecuted church across the globe.

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A lesbian walks in to a Muslim barbershop and demands a hair cut. (No this is not a Joke)

(March 2014)

You can't make this stuff up.

This recently happened in Canada and now everyone is in an uproar and there's a lawsuit. Because the Lesbian demands a hair cut, the Muslim, because of religious freedom will not cut this woman's hair and so they're at in impasse and of course groups like the human rights campaign, they don't know who to side with on this deal. And so, it's going to be interesting to see how it play out. For a change (sigh of relief) Christians aren't being attacked but isn't it nice to see someone standing up for what they believe. Christian, do you know what you believe? On; who's the only way to heaven, on what is the biblical view of marriage between a man and a women, because YES (even though we laugh at this case) truth matters.

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Parents get encouraged and young lives are changed when this happens

(March 2014)

Oh I am so encouraged when my little one comes home with her new bible verse, she is with me right now doing this tru commentary, our guest commentator little cub Faith Epperson go ahead little cub, share your verse:

"Galatians 5:22-23 but the fruit of the spirit is love joy peace patients kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self control. Galatians 5:22-23"

Let us continue to teach our kids the word and be encouraged as that happens. I'm so blessed and I hope that blessed you today on today's tru commentary with guest commentator Faith Ann Epperson

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God, the Grammy's, and the Super Bowl!

(February 2014)

This wasn't my Grammy’s Grammy's, I'm gonna tell ya that.

God was blasphemed in a horrific way with this Mass homosexual wedding at the end of the Grammy's and a song, "We can't change", although the chorus of the song does say "we can change".

So which one is it?

If you don't believe in that evil blasphemy that they were celebrating there, then you can change. But if you do believe in it then you can't change.

But God and the Gospel can change a life, a life like Russell Wilson, the wining Quarter Back of the Super Bowl, who gave glory to God. That was so encouraging. What an opportunity to celebrate how good our God is. Even after such a sad night at the Grammy's.

Lift Him up everywhere you go, exalt Him, and watch Him work!  

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2:14 in 2014 bridging Christmas to New Years

(January 2014)

I can’t think of a better way to connect Christmas to New Years and the New Years Resolution, then with Luke 2:14 “and the angle said: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”.

That’s our new years resolution here at the Truth Network we want to upward, glorify God and get caught up in his glory, that’s what is all about. Inward have peace on earth, peace of Christ rule in your heart (Col 3). And good will to all men, Goodness, let his goodness flow out of you, that’s outward. So, upward his glory, inward his peace, outward his goodness. Luke 2:14 in 2014. Let’s glorify God together, this year, in 2014.

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From a wooden trough, to a wood cross

(December 2013)

We talk so much about the real meaning of Christmas but think about how God almighty humbled himself. That manage scene, which is so often glamorized, was a rough dark stinky place where maybe we wouldn't even let our kids play, with potential infections and animals everywhere. But this is where God came, became a man, Emmanuel God with us, and in the same way he comes in to my stinky rough crazy sinful life and he creates in me the new birth. Oswald Chambers nails it; "His birth in history, his new birth in you”. What a story, that's the meaning of Christmas we say with the angles Luke 2:14 "Glory to God in the Highest" Merry Christmas!

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The bombs are dropping on thanksgiving… what are you thankful for?

(November 2013)

This just in; I just found out from our friends at the persecution project foundation that instead of dropping needles and medicine in Nuba, the Government of Sudan just dropped bombs on lots of Christians, Lots of death over there right now as we celebrate thanksgiving.

What are we thankful for? Maybe we are anticipating come anger, some tension with our relatives who we rarely see but this time of the year. Let’s look at this time of year as a time to minister to our family to love others to be truly thankful, “In everything give thanks”. And let’s remember a quick prayer before our thanksgiving feast for our brothers and sisters who are being killed and tortured for the Gospel worldwide. Happy Thanksgiving and we thank God for this freedom we have in Jesus in America.

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Trick or Truth, what's your view of Halloween and what does it matter?

(October 2013)

If you are a Christian you know the LORD is the LORD of everyday even Oct 31st. Many celebrate reformation day that day. Many churches have harvest festivals other churches do "trunk or treat" where they do candy at their church facility. Whatever your view is of that day, whether you have nothing to do with it (which I completely respect as a Christian) or whether you give out gospel tracts like many Christians do along with some candy when kids come to your door step.

Remember let that light shine in the darkness 24/7, 12 months out of the year not just on October 31st.

The truth will set you free. Make your light shine. Trick or Truth, the truth is a stake.

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What is your church doing to reach the lost?

(August 2013)

How about a giant evangelistic crusade right there in your own Church?

God calls us to go into all the world. The message of the Gospel is so powerful, what are we doing to share it? Evangelistic crusades, Harvest Crusades, are a great way to do it and Greg Laurie is COMING TO YOUR CHURCH! That's Right on a big screen it's call Harvest America. I am so excited about that I want encourage all the churches all the families, all the community centers that are in our listening audience to get involved. Harvest America's website is The event is September 28th & 29th. This brings a huge evangelistic crusade, all the elements, all the production, all the music, and the message of the Gospel from Greg Laurie himself into your Church, into your home, or into a community center.

Find out more at

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Who is closer to God today because you got out of bed this morning?

(July 18th 2013)
Everywhere you go people are hurting. Yes, their may be a big happy smile on their face, but there are challenges in relationship, in marriages, with kids all kinds of issues.

As Christians we are to be considering one another in order to stimulate one another to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24)

Who are you encouraging to be closer to God today? Maybe someone who doesn't know the Lord, you’re challenging them or praying for them. Ask them a simple questions, "How can I pray for you?". Remember when someone gets close to Christ everything changes. So, as an ambassador, as Paul calls us in 2 Corinthian 5, who are we challenging and encouraging to grower closer to God today?

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The Man of Steel Movie – What’s the big deal?

(July 1st 2013)The man of Steel out.. why are both Christians and pagans attacking this movie?

Christians are attacking this movie because they are saying so many people are making spiritual and gospel parallels. Pagans are attacking this movie because it actually exalts biblical fatherhood.

Both dads, from Krypton and Earth, love their wives, were faithful to their wives, love their kids and sacrificed everything for the survival of their offspring and their race.

So what's the Big Deal Christians?

Of course you don't get your spirituality from movies! But as believers, in a culture who condemn fatherhood and condemns redemptive values like sacrifice and courage, we need to rejoice and say, yes, I am glad Hollywood made a movie like that let's see more of the man of steel. Better yet let's be men of steel in this dark eroding culture.

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Preschoolers and TV - Garbage in, Garbage out

(June 17th 2013)
A recent a study came out stating that, 1/3 of three year olds have a TV in their room. more the 70% of American teenagers do too. Parents just throw the TV in the room. Hey, here's your Christmas Gift, your Birthday Gift.

The pediatricians in this study warned that the presence of a TV, in a teenager’s room, is associated with high rates of substance abuse and sexual activity.

Remember the old statement: "Garbage in, Garbage out"

Parents, what are we doing to protect the precious minds and the hearts of our children? Spending quality time with our kids or quality time with the tube? Let's get that junk out of our kid’s rooms and let's get in their lives and turn out a generation of Godly young men and women, to the glory of God.

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Fathers, what are you GIVING for Father's Day?

(June 2013)
William Barclay once said, “We can never afford to forget that we teach our children to call God ‘Father,’ and the only conception of fatherhood that they can have is the conception we give them. Human fatherhood should be molded and modeled on the pattern of the fatherhood of God.”

What are you giving for Father’s Day? I'm giving my wife and four precious daughters a gift a card, something to thank them and bless them on Father's Day. Whoa, wait a second isn't that the opposite. Don't you want to set in lazy chair and watch the game and let them give you all kinds of gifts? (Well actually that is not too bad of a thing)

Our Father God has blessed us with bountiful blessings, why not pattern after him and give this Father's Day instead of just get.

Happy Father's day! We thank our God the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of his Son.

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The truth about Islam from a man born in a Muslim country


(May 2013)
Back by popular demand, Usama Dakdok! Usama, tell us the truth about Islam, and why it's so important that Christians wake up and share the Gospel with their Muslim friends. 
"First of all", said Usama Dakdok, "we must know that Islam is not what I share with you or what some Muslim shares with you, but it is the writing of the word of Allah in the Koran and the command of Muhammad in the Hadith." Usama Dakdok continues  "Islam is not a loving and peaceful religion because, simply, there is not one verse in the Koran or one statement of Muhammad in the Hadith that teaches love or peace" 
For more information Usama Dakdok and how to share the Gospel with your Muslim friend visit
Share the Love of Jesus with a Muslim friend today.

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Beheading little babies or abusing dogs

which one will get more media attention?
(April, 2013)
Who is Michael Vick?  Heard of him. Just who is  Dr Kermit Gosnell?
NFL quarter back Michael Vick had wall to wall coverage from every network for animal cruelty , but according to The Investor's Business Daily quote : "Those who get their news from the three major networks have probably not heard of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, now on trial in Philadelphia, charged with seven counts of first degree murder." Gosnell performed thousands of late term abortions, also known for delivering a live, viable baby and then killing the child by cutting its spinal cord---even our so-called Christian president refuses to comment on this!  Pastors dare not mention this, its just another 'political' issue. What's going on here?? What's happened to us?
What you can do?
Google Dr Gosnell and this barbaric case. Spread  the word and pray that God will have mercy on the soul of our nation---a Nation that not only ignores such child Murder, but actually pays for it and cheers it on!!
Listen to this commentary here: 

On the Truth