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Do Good Christmas


60 million children, who do not have mommies or daddies will go to bed hungry tonight.
Most of them will not have eaten in 72 hours…
This holiday season as you and your family gather around the holiday table, where will these 60,000,000 children be?
The Kevin McCullough Show, The Dani Johnson Show, Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE*, Food For Orphans, The King’s Ransom Foundation and the rest of the “2012 Orphan Coalition” are rallying to ask you to feed one, ten, or a hundred starving orphans this holiday season. Every two seconds a child becomes an orphan somewhere on this earth, 44,000 children become orphans every single day. And every 90 seconds an orphan dies of starvation and preventable malnutrition. Which seems criminal — because for $.25 cents you could save their life.
For $.25 cents a life saving meal that includes vitamins, pro-biotics, enzymes, chicken, vegetables, rice, and beans can begin to heal this little one’s body–not just feed them.
$92 will feed, sustain, and heal that child for this Christmas and the entire year to follow.
Every 90 seconds another orphan dies…
But this Christmas you can give them the gift of life.
Click Here to Donate:
your donation should go to "Food for Orphan" 
donations are make to King's Ransom Foundation
for the "Food for Orphans Campaign"
Or dial 800.503.1948 to give by phone.
Make THIS a Do Good Christmas! You’ll be glad you did!

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